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As a veterinarian, you are most likely a dog and animal lover. The services you offer are essential and beneficial to dog owners everywhere. If there is someone out there who is expected to care for pets as much as the owners, it is you. You act as the doctor, surgeon and consultant to anything that is related to the health of animals. You are expected to know what products will work best for animals because you have a clear understanding of how the contents found in different products can affect the health of animals. One product that you can suggest to pet owners that have problems with their dog’s skin is chlorhexidine shampoo.

Chlorhexidine shampoo is a non-irritating and deep cleansing shampoo. It is useful in conditions caused by fungi, ringworm, yeast and bacteria in dogs, cats and horses. This kind of shampoo promotes a healthier skin and coat because it has cleansing and deodorizing capability. If you have a lot of clients that own dogs with skin problems, tell them that Nootie Animal Health’s chlorhexidine shampoo product can help alleviate the skin problems of their pets.


While you’re at it, you might as well tell your patients a thing or two about their pet’s skin care. You are in a position where you can recommend better shampooing habits to the pet owners. Many of them do not have the correct information on how the simple use of medicated shampoos can affect the overall health of their pets. Nootie Animal Health has certain bath products like a chlorhexidine shampoo that can help aid various skin problems in dogs.

The more time an animal spends being active outside, the more prone it is to having skin problems. In case a dog already suffers from a skin problem, suggest to your patients using our chlorhexidine shampoo during its bathing at home. Skin conditions can give the pet a lot of discomfort, and even pain. Make sure you offer a good solution to this common pet problem.


Many pet owners will look up to you to provide them with answers about their pet’s overall skin condition. If you want to give them the best products available in the market, it is time for you to become an exclusive supplier of medicated chlorhexidine shampoos from Nootie Animal Health. What makes our products stand out from the rest is not only their effectiveness, but our non-irritating fragrance technology that keeps the pets smelling great! Be an exclusive vendor of our exclusive products. Call Nootie Animal Health now!